community vision

Thank you for your interest in our project to bring clean, sustainable water to those in need!

Our project is called Share the Wellth because clean water wells in rural villages in Kenya have been affected by the drought for the last 15 yrs. By pooling our resources we can purchase a human powered drill to bring water to thousands in need! During our second phase of development we will build cultural resource centers within the communities where poverty and illiteracy is highest.

School children quench their thirst with dirty water.

School children quench their thirst with dirty water.

Water is life.

Water is life.


Share The Wellth, in partnership with WhoLives and World Beats Cultural Center, is fundraising to purchase a human powered village drill that can be easily taken apart and transported across the Naroosura region, providing clean water and improving the lives of thousands of people, livestock, and wildlife.


the story behind

Hello, my name is Kennedy Ole Sankale. I am a Maasai warrior, musician and cultural diplomat from the Maasai tribe of Kenya.

The women and children are the most affected according to reality on the ground and well depicted by the recent United Nations survey on infant mortality rates among the pastoral communities in Kenya today. Many women, neonates, children, and adolescents continue to suffer or die from conditions, which are preventable or treatable. Access to quality reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health services still remains a challenge across my home region of Kenya.

This project  not only goes beyond the provision of basic necessities, but also provides a smooth transition from Traditional herding to  a properly laid out Agri-business component that will elevate economic livelihoods and result in poverty eradication in the long run.